The Last Raís of Favignana

Salvatore Spataro, Favignana's last Raìs, faces his biggest challenge ever: reviving the Mattanza in a modern fishing world. Over ten years have passed since the tonnaroti's last catch of the coveted blue-fin tuna, and questions such as the extinction of the species, environmental and economical sustainability, and a declining interest in this millenary tradition, weigh on him before the catch.

The Arctic Circus

Through the documentary The Arctic Circus, we experience the different personality of the circus, the situations that occur in and around the circus, the society they travel through and the incredible landscape. By following these unique characters, we enter a circus that through its performances tries to modernize and change the perception of the traditional circus. This is a portrait of a group of people who lives by bringing joy to others, and with a desire to build a cultural understanding of circus as a great art form. The documentary film The Arctic Circus addresses issues such as society, identity, belonging, acceptance and prejudice.

Hundre Prosent Fist

We follow the Oslo based Hip-Hop band Sinsenfist. We see a friendship between the six band members and their creativity blossom when they are together. The documentary focuses on the relationship between the men in the band and there excitement for making music.