Alene med Verket (Official trailer) 2017

Alene med Verket

Through one year we follow the Norwegian artist Vebjørn Sand towards his exhibition: Guernica a turning point. During this process, he visits places in Guernica where attacks carried out in 1937. He meets with survivors and does research for his work. Compared to Picasso’s famous painting of Guernica, Vebjørn wants to represent the scenes of the bombardment realistic and figurative, with the color pallet of the 1880s classical painters. 
We follow him to New York where he works day and night to get the exhibition done. After an accident, while running, he is forced to stay in Norway. Recovering at his parent's house, he has to lay a new strategy to be able to finish his work. It is a journey through an artist's inner thoughts around art, himself and the continuing battle with his work.

Twins (Official Video) - 2016 

Tvillinger (Twins)

Bjørn and Ulf lives in Oslo, Norway. During their eigthy years they have spent seventy nine of them together. They like to collect art and have been a part of Jehovah´s witnesses since their early 20s. We follow them through their daily life, and see the strong connection that they have.


Legacy (Official trailer) - 2016 

Ámæli (Legacy)

Ámæli is about the old tradition of pilot whale hunting on Faroe Island. Trough one summer we follow three people, a whale hunter, fisherman and a musician. We experience the old traditions and the new environment on this small archipelago.


The Butterfly Princess (Official trailer) - 2016 

Sommerfuglprinsessa (The Butterfly Prinsess)

Eva Natali lives with her mother June in Oslo. Eva Natali suffers from a rare genetic fault called Grin 1, and a strong form of epilepsy. We experience their love in their everyday life, through ups and downs, hospitals, home visits and birthdays .